A group of care home residents chat in a communal area.

Scoping end-of-life care in care homes

Project: Scoping end-of-life care provision in care homes

What are we trying to do?

This work aims to carry out initial scoping of end-of-life care in care homes in order to gain an understanding of the pathways and systems in place, build relationships with care homes, and to inform future research.

Why is it important?

About 20% of the population currently die in care homes, which are generally counted as usual place of residence. Recent policy and guidance identify the need for choice in end-of-life care, particularly around preferred place of death, and for coordinated care across different settings and providers. However, there’s a recognised gap in end-of-life research in the care home setting.

How will we do it?

We will initially hold ‘discovery interviews’ with a wide range of staff involved in provision and commissioning to understand how the systems of health and care link together, and to gain an insight into current practice in end-of-life care in care home settings. After collating, analysing and developing this information we will hold an interactive workshop to develop and define the key priorities for end-of-life care within the care home setting.

More information

For more information please contact Michael Spence, Programme Manager, or Dr Simon Bailey, academic lead.