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Organising healthcare

Programme name

Organising healthcare

Programme aim and objectives

The provision of comprehensive, patient-centred, coordinated, safe and accessible care continues to be widely regarded as the foundation of the NHS. There is, however, currently a drive to ‘transform’ the organisation, coordination and integration of care to better meet the needs of the population and to address the growing, and increasingly unsustainable, pressures faced by the NHS. We aim to inform and support this by:

  1. Conducting rigorous and research-informed evaluations which shed light on the implementation and impact of change initiatives across health and social care
  2. Supporting partner organisations to generate and evaluate innovative projects seeking to better integrate primary care with other parts of the health and social care system with the potential to make a real difference to health and social care
  3. Providing commissioners and providers with evidence to support decision making to deliver effective and sustainable future service design and configuration.


Projects within this programme

7 day access
Devo Manc
GP access fund evaluation
Historical policy review – access
PhD study: Access to primary care
PhD study: Dementia services in primary care

Partnering organisations

Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Devolution
Mott MacDonald
NHS England (Greater Manchester)
The Health Foundation

More information

Please contact Katy Rothwell, Programme Manager.


All of our latest programme and project updates are on our news page.