PhD study: Needs of people with vascular dementia

An elderly couple smiling and hugging.

PhD study: Understanding the needs of people with vascular dementia following stroke

What’s the aim of the study?

This work aims to further our understanding of the specific needs of people with vascular dementia and mixed dementia following their admission to hospital with stroke.

Why is it important?

Stroke is the most common cause of complex adult disability in the UK and there is evidence to suggest that stroke is a risk factor for developing a dementia-type illness. Currently, there are no pharmacological management recommendations for vascular dementia-type illnesses and there is an absence of literature around service access and provision for those with a diagnosis. Although UK stroke services have greatly improved in recent years, the notable exceptions are around unmet psychological needs and longer-term rehabilitation.

Who is the PhD student?

Verity Longley is a qualified Occupational Therapist, with a background in psychology and stroke research. She is based in the School of Psychological Sciences at the University of Manchester.

Who else is involved?

This PhD is being supervised by Dr Audrey Bowen, Dr Sarah Peters and Dr Caroline Swarbrick and is based at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust and the University of Manchester.

More information

For more information please contact Verity Longley.